Journal History

Jurnal Proteksi Tanaman (Journal of Plant Protection) or JPT was first published in 2017 by the Plant Pest and Diseases Department (Now, Plant Protection Department), Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Andalas, Indonesia. The editorial team at that time consisted of Eka Candra Lina (Editor in Chief), Hasmiandy Hamid (Managing Editor), My Syahrawati (Editor), and Yulmira Yanti (Editor). The Editor published the first edition of 1(1): June 2017 well. In preparing for an edition of 1(2): December 2017, the editorial team was changed to My Syahrawati (Editor in Chief), Hasmiandy Hamid (Managing Editor), Eka Candra Lina (Editor), Yulmira Yanti (Editor), Edy Syahputra (Editor), Reflinur (Editor), Fri Maulina (Editor) and Tre Julia Nasral (Technical Support). The new team published online editions on time with the help of reviewers from Indonesian Entomological Society and Indonesian Phytopathological Society.

After publishing six editions for three years (2017-2019), we registered JPT to Arjuna for national accreditation in May 2020. Finally, JPT was accredited as a national journal at Sinta 4 level in February 2021, valid for the edition of June 2018 until December 2022. In 2022, we re-accreditated and came into Sinta 3Overall, you can find JPT on Sinta3DimensionsBASECrossrefROADGoogle scholar, Garuda, and Indonesia onesearch.

From the first publication until now, we have changed the article template four times. The first template is used for editions of June and December 2017, the second for June 2018-December 2019,  the third for June 2020, and the fourth for edition starting from December 2022. The latest template (English and Indonesia) is available on the website. A sentence: Accredited: Sinta 3 was added at the head of each article, and a submission track below the corresponding email. Beside of that, we also added the open access logo, information about article ownership, license, author declaration, and how to cite that article.

Today, the editorial board consists of My Syahrawati as Editor in Chief, Hasmiandy Hamid as Managing Editor,  and eight Associate Editors that come from the Plant Protection Department of Universitas Andalas, the Indonesian Entomological Society, the Indonesian Phytopathological Society, and the National Research and Innovation Agency. The reviewers come from various universities and institutions related to plant protection with a track record as writers at national and international levels. We have two technical supports that also strengthening the editorial team.